Kindergarten Department Courses

Kindergarten Department Courses

First Stage

No Course Code   Course Name Definitions Hours/week Units Phone No.
1   English language (beginner) لەم کۆرسەدا، توانای خوێندکاران بۆ خوێندنەوە و نوسین و گوێگرتن و قسەکردن بەرەو پێش دەبرێت   2  6  


Academic Debate  


2  4  07501360963
 3         Kurdology  


2 4  07501204105
 4     Information Technology


3  4  07501941545
 5   General Psychology This subject investigates human behavior and mental processes; it generally concerns psychological phenomena and factors.  2  4  

Child Development Psychology

(physical and Movement
This course is about the importance of child movement during infancy and preschool ages. It is important for teachers to have information about child movement and its types. This helps prepare teachers to master the importance of child movement in these stages. 2 4  
7   Socialization This course is related to Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology. In this course students are familiarized with the concept of socialization and the factors of socializing institutions in which socialization is implemented. After that, socialization stages and psychosocial theories about the process of socialization are clarified. In addition, a number of subjects related to socialization are studied. 2 4 07725235240
8   Philosophy and bases of Education This course is about the bases of education as expounded by various philosophers. 2 4 07501354578


Second Stage

No Course Code   Course Name Definitions Hours/week Units Phone No.
1   Educational Psychology The process of learning and teaching and the methods of interaction and influence in society. Educational Psychology makes learners familiarize themselves with changes that happen to individuals. It also focuses on learner cognition in teaching and learning. It tries to analyze and understand components of education. It develops individual motives and interests. 6  6  


Child Development Psychology (Emotional and Ethical Development) This course is about the importance of emotional and ethical development during the infancy and preschool ages.  This prepares teachers to master the importance of emotional and ethical development in these stages 4  4  
 3         Educational Statistics  Since Kindergarten students conduct research in the fourth stage, it is crucially important to be familiar with statistics to organize and analyze data and to also try to understand problems related to research and to finding solutions, in addition to predicting the future. It is beneficial in helping make  correct decisions.    6 6  
 4     Educational Counselling and Health Psychology This area comprises information and theory for one’s personal life and vocational work in the future.  Counselling and health psychology relate to everything about our personal lives and the way people behave with each other in every educational and social institution 4  4 07501181083
 5   Kindergarten Programs This concerns every dimension of the ways in which kindergarten students are educated. 4  4  

Bases of Arts Education

This area helps students to assimilate new information about preschool children, as well as to analyze and examine children’s problems. It familiarizes students with problems that children of that age face, together with their solutions. 6 6  
7   Child Literature This has many advantages: children will be broad minded, self-aware and learn many new concepts and phrases. According to Albert Einstein “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them stories”, so studying such kinds of subjects makes kindergarten graduates be successful in teaching and delivering their message wherever they work. 4 4  
8   English language (intermediate) لەم کۆرسەدا، توانای خوێندکاران لە هەر چوار پسپۆری(گوێگرتن و قسەکردن و نوسین و خوێندنەوە) بەرەو پێش دەبرێت.. 4 4 07502517626


Third Stage

No Course Code   Course Name Definitions Hours/week Units Phone No.
1   Playing Psychology Informing  students about the importance of play. They should be familiarized with the bases and objectives of playing so they will be able to educate  children successfully. Our aim is to familiarize students with the objectives, types, and the importance of motion and playing in their behavior, in order to take responsibility and act as an instructors in the future.   6  6  


Child Development Psychology (Linguistic Development)  It's clear that childhood is one of the most important and sensitive periods of human life as it has a profound influence on the later stages of human development, personality and character. So, the main goals of  psychologists and anyone else interacting with children are familiarity with children’s mental and linguistic development and the characteristics of those stages. 4  4  
 3         Measurement and Evaluation On the one hand, this area of study focuses attention on improvement and deterioration. On the other hand, without this science, it would be difficult to find an answer to these questions: to what extent are programs useful? To what extent are  teachers successful in delivering  lessons? To what extent have students improved consciously, educationally and academically?  To answer these questions and many more, it is absolutely vital to study this subject.  4 6 07501297148
 4     Special Education The importance of this course is that it gives  students information and helps them to cope with  disabled children either physically, like the deaf and the blind, or mentally, as well as highly intelligent children. This will help students to interact with such kinds of children properly. 4  4 07725235240
 5   General Teaching Methodology    4  6  

Research Methodology

This area of study deals with the bases and information of research methods, from the process of setting up the research, choosing the samples and concentrating on the theoretical framework, to planning the research and reaching conclusions 4 4  
7   Music   6 6  
8   Preparing Children for study   4 4 07701574508


Fourth Stage

No Course Code   Course Name Definitions Hours/week Units Phone No.

Management in Kindergarten

    4  4  


Theories of Personality   4  4  07501181083
 3         Nutrition and Health Education   4 4  
 4     Children's Theatre This is considered as the mother of the other art genres because theatre embraces all the other genres of art such as music, architecture design, sculpture, etc. Kindergarten students are prepared to work in kindergartens and deal with preschool children in the future. Educationally, this stage is a basic and primary stage that has a profound influence on all the other educational stages. 6  6  
 5   Critical Thinking  This has been an important subject for psychologists and educators to an extent that it has become one of the main subjects of study and research as part of educational psychology. The ideological and philosophical doctrines have focused on thinking so that people can deal with problems that they face. Thinking is a distinctive feature of humans that distinguishes us from other animals.  4  4  07725235240

Teaching Methodology

This course of study is significant for students because it constitutes a preparation for the next stage in which these methods are put into practice. So, it is very important for students to know how to teach theoretically and practically and also how to prepare themselves. They should know the roles of teachers and students, understand the concept of teaching, methodology and teaching strategies. They should have information about classroom preparation and planning types and strategies. Teachers play the role of second parents to the pupils that they teach, disciplining and instructing them and helping them in their improvement and development 4 4  
7   Observation and Teaching Practice   5 6  
8   Research project   4 4