The dean’s office

It is the official office of the dean and the workspace for all staff including the college committee who accomplish the dean’s mission. The staff are responsible for saving and organizing the documents and private affairs of college. In addition, the date of appointments and guests are organized there as well as awarding decision and departments’ associates.

Administration and Maintenance

This room provides the basic needs of college including electricity, water, basic equipment and Cleanliness so far. Furthermore, it is responsible for issuing and administrating regulations for the working hours of employee, entitlements for leaves of absence including paid vacations and casual leaves and running the equipment of college. On the other hand, the staff of this room adjust the technical works or repair the technical problems such as preserving and maintaining the equipment.

Personal department

This room is responsible for administrating the human resources of college in terms of issuing the leave of absence including maternity leave, unpaid leave, paid leave and other leaves. In addition to their duties, the staff issue employment orders, full time and part time contracts, resignation and dismissal orders for university lecturers. They also administrate the orders for permanent and temporary transfer employees to another college and vice versa.


This room is responsible for students’ affairs of issuing the acceptance order in the academic year. The personal information of the enrolled students is registered in an official list throughout the academic year. The duties of the registration room are to save the students’ personal information in to a special box file including the student’s absences, degree, transferring credits certificate, and studied subjects with their units, saving and giving graduation degree.


The duty of this room is organizing and administating finantial affairs of college in terms of incomes and fees before sending the financial document to the directorate of finance of universty.

Scientific research centre

The duty of this room is to adminstrate scientific rsearch and postgraduate research programs including organizing annual plan for stdudying Master and PhD inside or outside Raparin university, registerating postgraduate students and providing their materials, monitoring the students depelopment througout their study and supervising the scientific researches. Monitroing the study program and lectures schedule in order to develop the college program and perform the orders of ministry of higher education. Furhtermore, the other duties are issuing administartion orders of giving academic title and assesing lecturers to employ them.

Statistics and Information Bank

This room is responsible for Statistics college employees and students, Creating educational email for students and tackling issues just in case they have it.