Arabic Language Department Objectives

The objectives of the Department of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers

1- Preparing qualified people in the field of Arabic language and literature to work in the public  and private sectors. 

2- Providing the student with literary and linguistic skills that enable him to communicate with  society and interact with cultural, literary and educational institutions. 

3- Developing linguistic communication skills and raising the level of graduates in the skills of  writing, reading, listening, conversation, debate and criticism. 

4- Enhancing scientific research in the field of Arabic language and its sciences and preparing  linguistic and literary studies and research aimed at serving the practical and educational  purposes. 

5- Extending means of cooperation between the college and education directorates, and  preparing Arabic language teachers scientifically and professionally. 

6- Contributing to community service; Implementing the programs organized by the university  to develop the language skills of employees, writers, media professionals and the like. 

7- Preparing a promising generation that is aware of the importance of educational, human and  scientific values for their effective impact on building society. 

8- Enabling students to complete postgraduate studies, master's and doctoral degrees. 

9- Developing the students' leadership, creative and professional personality in the fields of  literature and language. 

10- Work to develop the student's linguistic and literary skills in proportion to the size of the  task entrusted to him. 

11- Continuing to develop study plans in line with the requirements of quality education. 

12- Providing language consultations to interested parties, as well as contributing to the  evaluation of theses, university theses, and scientific, cultural and intellectual books for  researchers, critics and thinkers. 

13- Contribute to the consolidation of the relationship with the local, Arab and regional  community through holding seminars, conferences, festivals and seminars.