English Language Department Objectives / Evening

The primary objective is to prepare teachers of the primary stage who can demonstrate competence in teaching English as a foreign language. The department will eventually provide for the area’s needs with professional, knowledgeable and advocated EFL teachers. This can only be done by offering the highest quality of EFL instruction to the potential students.

Additionally, the aim of the degree program is to:

  • prepare graduates of all English programs effectively for careers inside and outside of education after graduation
  • maintain links with primary and secondary schools throughout Raparin District to foster effective research and teaching in the discipline across grade levels;
  • Develop students’ basic practical skills in the field of English, such as communication, developing arguments, analyzing literary texts and linguistic data. 
  • Enhance their subject knowledge about English and allow them to expand their knowledge of language and literature.
  • prepare students for other job opportunities such as Reporter, Translator, Interpreter, Journalist, etc. for which the language skill the graduate obtains would be the basic job requirement.
  • This program aims to
  • improve the language proficiency of students;
  • Equip students with the contemporary methods and techniques of language teaching;
  • Increase their awareness in intercultural differences to the extent that they become teachers of English who are innovative and knowledgeable professionals and who will be able to be practicing teachers not only in Kurdistan but also elsewhere in the world;
  • Enable them to use the appropriate methods, techniques, materials, resources and technology in the process of teaching and testing English and arrange the classroom environment accordingly, being aware of the universality of social rights, social justice, protection of cultural values, quality culture and environmental protection, occupational health and safety issues.