Arabic Department Teachers/ Evening

Arabic Department lecturer staff for the academic year (2020-2021)

No Full Name   
Scientific Title
Degree Note
1 Dr. Alaa Sabri Dahham  Lecturer   Ph.D.  Head of Department

Dr. Star Mstafa Faqe Mohamad

 Lecturer Ph.D.  
 3 Dr. Ibrahim Abdulrahman Mohamad     Assistant Professor Ph.D.  
4 Dr. Qasim Mohamad Abd Lecturer Ph.D.  
5 Twana Qadir Sabir Lecturer M.A.  
6 Khidr Abdulla Khidr Lecturer M.A.  
7 Jihad Qadir Ali Lecturer M.A.  
8 Salih Ibrahim Huseein  Assistant Lecturer M.A.  
9 Arwand Hamadamin Hamad Assistant Lecturer M.A.