History of College of Basic Education

In 2009, the Faculty of Basic Education was founded in ranya which was part of Koya University. It consisted of three Departments that were departments (Kurdish, Arabic, Computer Science and Mathematics). At that Time, (Dr. Bawadin Karim Mawlud) Dean of Faculty of Humanities was managing the college. After that in the light of the Ministry decree No. 42, date 7/6/2011 and the University decree 7/29/620, date 8/6/2011, the colleges of the University of Raparin were restructured. Faculty of Basic education became the School of Basic Education which consisted of two schools: 1. School of basic education 2. School of Humanities. At first, (Assist. Professor Dr. Rizgar Haji Salih) Started working as Dean of School of basic Education (morning + evening). Then, (Dr. Ahmed Mahmud Ahmed) became the Dean of the School. After that, in the light of the University order No. 30 date, 4/11/2013 School of basic education became an independent faculty named Faculty of Basic Education as was separated from the Faculty of Humanities. In the academic year 2017-2018, his excellency (assist. Professor Dr. Aras Abdulrahman) Started working as the Dean of Faculty of Basic Education (morning + evening). In the Academic year 2018-2019, his excellency (assist Professor Dr. Rizgar Haji Salih) started working as Dean of Faculty of Basic Education (morning + evening). Faculty of Basic Education is an educational and scientific center, It’s mission is to prepare qualified teachers who can successfully educate and discipline students in basic schools and kindergartens in the future.